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DECOVALEX 2019 Symposium

Coupled thermo-hydro-mechanical-chemical (THMC) processes in geological systems are critically important to the performance and safety assessment of geologic disposal systems for radioactive waste and spent nuclear fuel. Understanding of such processes is also essential for a number of other subsurface engineering processes, including mining, geothermal exploration, geological carbon sequestration, energy storage, and oil and gas production. The DECOVALEX 2019 Symposium on Coupled Processes in Radioactive Waste Disposal and Subsurface Engineering Applications invites you to the beautiful city of Brugg, Switzerland, November 4-5, 2019. Located about 28 kilometers from Zürich, Brugg is known for its historic center developed along a narrow gorge of the river Aare. This open symposium will feature internationally recognized keynote speakers and researchers focusing on coupled processes, including computational methods, lab experiments, and in situ tests. The symposium will also provide exciting insights from the current phase of the DECOVALEX project, an international collaboration for advancing the understanding of coupled THMC processes in a geological system.

Subject Areas 

  • Coupled processes in clay rock
  • Coupled processes in crystalline rock
  • Coupled processes in salt
  • Engineered barrier systems and engineered-natural material interactions
  • Fundamental microscale processes
  • Emerging experimental and computational methods
  • Incorporation of coupled processes in  performance assessment
  • Cross-cutting coupled processes analysis in various geo-applications



Please note that we will not be accepting walk-in attendees
at the conference.

Cindy Tilton, CDTilton@LBL.GOV

Symposium Chairs

Bastian Graupner, ENSI
Jens Birkholzer, LBNL


Sponsored By

The DECOVALEX 2019 Project
Swiss Federal Nuclear Safety Inspectorate ENSI